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Clarifications Plus New Ad Prices

Welcome everyone to new 2021. Hope everyone had safe and fun previous holiday celebrations and a great start so far in this new 2021 which promises great future for us all.
Since we had some confusion to our previous event, we just wanted to take few minutes and explain a bit more about it.
Event is not a contest, users are Not competing between each other - at least for a moment...
During events every user have a clear target that need to be reached to get rewards. Events have a fixed time term. During this time frame everyone who participates have to reach target determined at event rules and claim rewards. Rewards are not automatically distributed, every participant have to collect rewards them self while event lasts. Rewards can not be collected after event has ended and management will not be able to assign you a reward if you failed to collect it your self. So please pay attention on event timer and collect your rewards Your Self before timer that was predefined by event rules has run out.
As mentioned before not always events will be announced in our news, please keep an eye on left side of browser window, that's where links to events will be placed.
As many of you probably already noticed we have an active referring event, link can be found at top left side of your members pages. Great rewards awaits you, don't miss it.

Other updates:
Advertising prices has been cut to up to -50% ! Advertise to gain clients for your projects, or referrals to your favorite programs and in addition receive free VP that will mean bigger earnings for you. Have a look at advertising page for more details.

It has been very busy 2021 for us till now, working on new features and external projects. Hopefully we will be able to show some of those works soon.

Wish everyone a great new 2021 year, let this year be the one where all your targets come to finish.
Best wishes.

Posted At: 23rd/Jan/2021

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thanks for the new price announces

Replied at: 2nd/Mar/2021


good stuff

Replied at: 17th/Feb/2021


Thanks for this i will try

Replied at: 27th/Jan/2021

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